Please read the back of your class pass, the valid date is for a reason:- To experience the

benefits of Yoga and to encourage respect for your class, your teacher and yourself.

Turning up to class once in a while is a waste of time and disrespectful to everyone

including yourself.


A word about mobile phones. During class mobile phones need to be turned OFF

The class room is a space of tranquility and relaxation, a space to recharge. It is

inconsiderate to fellow students to have your phone ringing particularly during relaxation.

Also please do not use the studio to recharge your phone. 


We have a new class on Thursday mornings.  Bookings essential.

Also Kids  Yoga in the school holidays. Bookings  essential.

If you are interested in these classes please call Fiona on 0425 261 300  

Our first WORKSHOP was a wonderful experience. So many lovely Students and Teachers. 

Can't wait to do the next workshop, so stay tuned. Sharing information can only benefit the 

community as a whole.

With respect to ANZAC DAY there will be a class on Wednesday at 7 PM