Wednesday 7PM class will be cancelled until further notice.

Other classes will be as follows:-

Last class for 2018 will be Saturday 22 December

First class for 2018 will be Saturday  5 December

All the best for the Holiday season and the New Year...


Please read the back of your class pass, the valid date is for a reason:- To experience the

benefits of Yoga and to encourage respect for your class, your teacher and yourself.

Turning up to class once in a while is a waste of time and disrespectful to everyone

including yourself.


A word about mobile phones. During class mobile phones need to be turned OFF

The class room is a space of tranquility and relaxation, a space to recharge. It is

inconsiderate to fellow students to have your phone ringing particularly during relaxation.

Also please do not use the studio to recharge your phone. 


We have a new class on Thursday mornings.  Bookings essential.

Also Kids  Yoga in the school holidays. Bookings  essential.

If you are interested in these classes please call Fiona on 0425 261 300